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Oecf Dinas Kesehatan Dati I
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  •  0.711.-31.7329
         Jl Anwar Sastro 7, Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, 00000  Palembang  Sumatera Selatan
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Construction Supervision of National Road in North Sulawesi, Package 4/99 (Under SPL-OECF)   Selebihnya

Dwi Liliek Kusindarta

1999-2004 OECF 1996-1999 URGE (University Research for Graduate Education) 1990-1993 Ikatan Dinas Pegawai Negri Sipil 1989-1990 Supersemar PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION   Selebihnya

Wiratman & Associates' Homepage

... supervision for 5000 DWT class cargo ship and container Yard; In association with Japan Port Consultant; Source of financing: OECF ...   Selebihnya

Cipta Strada - Representative Projects - Selamat Datang ...

CIPTA STRADA has in the course of it's 30 years existence been involved ... OECF IP - 488   Selebihnya

Cipta Strada - About

... works in joint operation with foreign consultants, are financed by International or Foreign Loan Agencies such as IBRD, ADB and JIBIC (OECF).   Selebihnya

IPB :: Faculty of Animal Science - Auditorium

This Auditorium build since 1994, was build by soft loan from Japan government, in cooperate program with IPB-OECF/JBIC, and it has been used with IPB intensively.   Selebihnya

Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta

Central Lab PROFILE ( Mathematics and Science Central Laboratory began its operations in 1988, with the equipment from OECF II project.   Selebihnya

PT. Mitra Lingkungan Dutaconsult -

... registered with the World Bank (IBRD), European Economic Commission (EEC), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan (OECF) as ...   Selebihnya

IPB :: Faculty of Animal Science - Dairy Animal Production ...

Both laboratories are equipped with laboratory equipment that full funding from the OECF. Objective and Function . Function : Give lectures and practicum in the field of ...   Selebihnya

PT Indokoei International

Ferry Terminals Urgent Rehabilitation Project in East Java and Bali Islands (OECF Loan No. IP-354) NK & DGLC. Feasibility Study, Planning, & Detailed Design   Selebihnya


- Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), formely JBIC, OECF - The Ministry of Public Works - The Ministry of National Education - The Ministry of Communications   Selebihnya


OECF Ah Beng Information Society The Hackers' World The Hackers' World (Copy) Search Results Last Search CHOMSKY ! CHOMSKY'S HOME CHOMSKY ON INDONESIA   Selebihnya

Committee on Industry, Minerals and Energy

Since 70 percent of the loan from Japan will have to come from the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) and 30 percent from the Export-import Bank of Japan, separate ...   Selebihnya

SIPUK - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia

The Government has given its attention to passion fruit producers by giving aid of funds from OECF to the centre of passion fruit ...   Selebihnya

Irfan Prarendra - Indonesia | LinkedIn

OECF loan project. Aktivitas dan Kegiatan Sosial: 1. Student Welfare Cooperation as Souvenir Shop Division Staff in 1996-1997 as General Secretary in 1997-1998 2.   Selebihnya


ASEAN is also pleased with the support given by the World Bank, ADB, the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the ...   Selebihnya

KPK quizzes Sumitomo GM in train markup case | The Jakarta Post

The Indonesian government received a loan from Japan’s Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) to pay the delivery cost. In the same year, PT KAI also received the ...   Selebihnya

KPK raids local Sumitomo offices | The Jakarta Post

Indonesia used a loan from Japan’s Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) to cover the transportation costs. The Japanese government granted the used railway coaches ...   Selebihnya


The Philippines has submitted the feasibility study for the purchase of letter sorting machine to NEDA and OECF for funding under the 10th Yen.   Selebihnya


... within the last five years (2004-2008), we have worked with the following distinguished multi-national agencies such as GOI, ADB, IBRD/World Bank, OECF/JBIC, and ...   Selebihnya

Oecf Dinas Kesehatan Dati IJl Anwar Sastro 700000PalembangSumatera Selatan 0.711.-31.7329